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Hey everyone, welcome to my new website! It will take me a little bit to get everything up and running to better help all of you that deals with anxiety and depression, I am also currently going through the struggles. So I thought making this website will be really helpful and I also have a YouTube channel where I talk about anxiety and depression.


My name is Justin and I have always dealt with depression in my life and I am only 27. I have tried depression medication a few different times but I always end up quitting before enough time has passed for it to take effect. I have been through so much in my life and things never got any easier. Well lets fast-forward some so we can get to the part where anxiety comes in to play.

Because of all the depression I ended up trying pain killers so I could feel better and happy, it started off just one here n there but little did I know that they are easy to get hooked on and the withdrawal will make you miserable and feel like death. So I will also be posting articles on this site dealing with drug addiction because I do know a lot about it and I know what a lot of you are going through.

Well I suffered with that for about 3 years give or take but as I was trying to come off I was dealing with certain symptoms, one major one was energy loss. I had a few places to go and I had no energy at all so I kept taking energy shots throughout the day. I ended up taking to many of them and once I was home relaxing I felt myself start to sweat and my heart rate started going up and I was able to feel it. I have never felt it pounding that hard or fast ever and I got so scared and called 911.

That is how it started and after that moment I would have panic attacks quite often that made me miss too much work so I ended up quitting after being there for 6 years. Then it felt like my life started to fall apart and I started to get more depressed than ever. Just like many of you I also check my symptoms on google constantly and it makes things so much worse. If it’s not one thing it’s another and now right at the beginning of 2019 I started getting really bad dizziness that has lasted all day and every day that I am still trying to figure out. Its crazy right when I was starting to accept the anxiety than this dizziness happens and has stopped me from being able to go out and make money or to do anything. I will keep you all updated on how things turn out with this.



As I started to come to terms with everything I started uploading videos on YouTube about my anxiety and I get comments from people that relates. I have also joined Facebook groups and talk to people about all the same symptoms we have and I try to reassure them. Many people live in fear just like me so I really want to help others!



I will write articles on different topics dealing with anxiety and depression, I will also have links to my YouTube channel that can also help you. You will be able to leave comments and be a part of a community, I will get a Facebook group set up and other means so we all can stay in touch and be a community that keeps growing and getting better.

You can visit my Youtube channel with the link below and make sure to subscribe! 🙂

Justin Smiddy

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