Living with Health Anxiety : Dont live in fear like many does!

Anxiety can be a dread and can ruin your life to the point where you are stuck in the house all day and night. I will be going over living with health anxiety which is a form of anxiety that has really ruined my life and caused me to go through so much depression, so Let’s dive in!

What is health anxiety?

Health anxiety is just like having regular anxiety but so much worse, you may get to the point with health anxiety that makes you’re afraid to leave the house. Someone that suffers from health anxiety always seems to have hypochondria, which that means that you are afraid of every illness and you are always thinking each of your symptoms could be related to something much worse.

I did not really realize what I had until I started seeing more and more YouTube videos talking about it and they are sounding just like me. I thought I just had regular anxiety, I didn’t think there was health anxiety but I always knew what a hypochondriac was. So someone that deals with health anxiety may get constant chest pains and this is common for anyone with regular anxiety, but someone with health anxiety will think they are having a heart attack all the time and even if they go to the doctor and get checked they never believe them.

Also you may think you have every type of cancer from certain symptoms you get, there are so many symptoms you could experience from anxiety and dealing with all these new symptoms will make you really sick and really worried all the time. It got so bad for me I was afraid to leave my house at all, I did not want to drive and I could not work. Health anxiety has ruined me and kept me thinking I have had some type of brain tumors which I am still going to get checked to get reassured.

Googling symptoms

If you are always looking up your symptoms on google then you have health anxiety because you will always see the worse kind of diseases first so your mind will start to worry and panic and that will make it much worse. I would google my symptoms all the time and when I saw something bad like I had symptoms for a tumor its like I felt my heart drop and I started to panic even worse.

I know you want to know what is wrong with you but I do think it is important to see a doctor first about your symptoms and if you are cleared then try not to worry about it anymore, as long as you are not thinking about your symptoms all the time you will start to get better. Recovery is a very long road when dealing with health anxiety or any type of anxiety and depression.

It is so easy but damaging to obsess over symptoms when you are googling everything that you feel, but it could be a number of things so don’t assume the worst. So it is always still good to at least get checked up by your doctor at least once so you know you are alright and its just anxiety.

Join support groups

One thing that helped me was talking to other people that are going through the same thing as me, so that motivated me to create this site and a Facebook support group and even a YouTube channel talking about anxiety. Sometimes people may not have anyone to talk to or anyone to share what they are feeling with. There are support groups you can join all over Facebook, I will link my Facebook group that I have created that any of you can join and I will link it right below so make sure to join!

Join my Facebook by clicking here!

Sometimes I sit back and see what everyone else is saying in the groups and most of us have a lot of the same symptoms so it could get you some reassurance. Always remember to try to stay positive if you can, if you want to get past anxiety you are going to have to try new things and find new hobbies.

Keep yourself moving!

This is something I am still working on myself, as I have been going through this depression and health anxiety I just never wanted to move and I would just stay in bed. It even got to the point where I was afraid to leave my house and I was also afraid to even get up to get something to drink. That is not healthy and none of us wants to live our life like that.

So changes must be made so get up and start moving, I started leaving the house for a few hours at a time then I come back home to work on my websites and to try to grow everything I do online. So it does help to have something you are passionate about because I would love to do this full time and be able to just work for myself and being able to pay my bills. There are many motivating people on YouTube and I am 27 years old and I need to try to live a more positive style life style, it doesn’t hurt to try right?

Final thoughts

Living with health anxiety can ruin your life and turn you into someone who stays inside all day because your afraid to go out. Anxiety will always be a part of you but you can improve yourself so you can function in a normal life and not have to worry about everything in every part of the day.

I want us all to go on this journey together through recovery and I will make sure to keep you all updated and I will list steps that seems to work for me and I will also talk about my bad days because we will still have some of those. Keep yourself moving and find something to do even if its blogging like me because then you can talk about stuff you are going through and make money from it if you want.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments down below, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please share this post around so others that suffers can check it out. I will link my other links below if you want to be a part of the community I am building, thanks!

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