Living In Fear From Anxiety?Take back control of your life!

Hey everyone and welcome to my brand new website, this will be my first post here and I am ready to dive in and share my experiences with severe anxiety! In this article I will be going over living in fear from anxiety and what that can do to your life, because I know it really hurt mine.

Fear starts to take over

From what I have learned from talking with many people that is struggling from anxiety is that most of us are about the same, yes we may have some different symptoms but they all affect us the same. If you read my ” about me” page you will learn about my story but anxiety can ruin the quality of life for you.

I spent 6 years at a job in a factory and I never dealt with anxiety or any of these symptoms until near the end when everything happened. I ended up having to quit that job where I was making good money at, I had to keep missing work and I would go to the hospital at least 3 times a week. Anxiety hit me that hard, sense mine was caused by taking too many energy shots I kept believing that something was seriously wrong with my heart. I would go to the hospital all the time when I would get chest pains that I never had, or palpitations which was also new to me.

All of this did cause me to have occasional PVCs which are like extra beats that jumps in your chest and you can feel them. I was so worried I even went to a cardiologist to get my heart checked, I ended up getting an echo test done and a stress test. My results were good besides the PVCs but he said they were not harmful. But I kept not wanting to believe any doctor. I did not think this was normal and it was a weird way for anxiety and panic attacks to hit me because I consumed too many energy shots.

I would always live in fear, I would be afraid to leave the house or to do things that I used to enjoy. I had to start trying to work for myself sense I was way too bad to work a regular job anymore. I would even have to take days off doing Uber and stuff like that because I didn’t think I was in any condition to drive or be away from home for hours.

Just remember you are not alone and so many of us live in fear and are always worrying about what could be wrong with us. I have learned a lot and I even wrote my first Ebook called Anxiety and Me, I will link that down at the end of this article.

Weight gain

This is something that really made me super depressed, I would be worried to be active at all because I did not want my heart rate to go any higher. So when I started doing uber that’s all I did so I could still pay my bills while I worked on my online business, doing Uber I never had to really get out of the car so I was always sitting down. Then when I would get home I would be sitting on my bed either on my laptop or playing video games, so I was never moving around.

It has been a year now and that has really caught up with me and I am going to be taking steps in order to get back in shape and I hope we all can take the same steps together. I used to weigh around 190, I m 27 years old and I am 6″4. I just went to my doctor recently and they had to weigh me and I was 252 lbs, which really shocked me. I did not believe I gained that much weigh but then it made sense because of all the depression all I did was eat junk food.

We are all in this together and I bet many of you has gone through some of the same things, but this is a new year so its time to make some changes and fight through it. Which is why im working so hard to bring together a community that suffers from anxiety and depression and I want to watch us all grow. I ended up making a Facebook group for all of us that suffers from anxiety, I will link that below also. There are not many members now because its new but I hope that we can watch it grow.

I will be coming out with easy workouts to do so we can take it easy and see how our bodies handles moving around more. I will also be publishing more ebooks in the near future to help more people with their anxiety, everyone needs reassurance.

Feeling weak

This is a big one that would give me fear of going out and walking around. It may also be because I am not active anymore which is why my legs would feel weak all the time as I am walking around. But when stuff like this happens it makes your mind race and then you start worrying about that wondering what’s wrong with you and then it ruins your day.

It has been a long time sense I have had a good day, I always wish for a decent day sense good days has been impossible. A later symptom that started happening to me was that I would get super dizzy walking around grocery stores shopping. I started doing Instacart to make money also and at first I was fine and I could shop in stores with no issues. But then it started getting worse and I would start sweating then it would feel like everything would be spinning and then I have to hurry and get out of the store.

There are so many symptoms that comes with anxiety and stress, it can be different for everyone. But the point with me making this site and my group is to hopefully meet many new people dealing with all these struggles and help each other grow and get better. Many changes will be coming, I really need a better diet and I need to become more active and get in shape. Working out can really help depression and anxiety big time.

You are not alone!

This is my first blog post on this new website and I really wanted to go over the fear anxiety can have on your life. But I have noticed that many of us deal with this on a daily basis but changes need to be made in order for us to get better. By living in fear and being lazy can cause more serious health problems which none of us wants.

I want this year to be way better than last year for all of us, lets all get out their and start being more active. Life can be hard because of bills and I have not been able to go out for the last couple of weeks because of dizziness but I am trying to change my mindset so I can get better and get back out their. Everyone has a different story and all ages can struggle from severe anxiety but we can’t always live in fear.

Final thoughts

This is 2019 and we need to make the most of it, last year was probably one of the worse years of my life. This year I want to help myself and many more people with my website, support group, and my YouTube channel. I am not big on medication for anxiety, I do not like how it makes me feel and it can be hard to get off of. CBD oil can be a great way to manage your anxiety without the effects of medication, if you are interested in trying out some I will have a link below for it.

Check out some CBD products here!

Please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe, I will be uploading videos weekly on different topics about anxiety and I would be happy to make a video on a topic you want to know more about, make sure to leave me comments below on anything you would like me to talk about! Also please share this article so we can build this community of people that needs to vent and needs someone to talk too.

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  1. Living anxiety  can  cause stress  which  if not treated on time  will be depression  depression takes time to treat and it’s it’s time consuming the reason being  people don’t want to accept they have depression on your case I thank God you kept visiting the doctors and they kept you in harm’s. Aways the only low down and I can relate with is weight gain that is not good especially when you gain too much weight within a short period . But thank God you are okay and

  2. Good for you Justin! Keep up the good work. It is great that you are aware of your problem and addressed it, it takes a lot of courage to share that to the world, salute to you! I am very familiar with depression myself. I used to have a panic attack from time to time and also would self medicate myself with alcohol. What I find is that it is easier to find a good support system, someone who is willing to listen to you and understand you and willing to help guiding you to the right path. I think I am still somewhat in deny of my anxiety and depression. I am my worst enemy but I am taking one step a day. Will read your book. Cannot wait to read it!

  3. Great post!  I am so sorry that you had to live through all of that, and I wish you well for your future. I know it is important for people to know that they are not alone and that they are not the only ones that are suffering from anxiety and that there are people who care and want to help. I do not know anything about CBD products but I am always willing to learn so I will take a look at the link and learn all I can!

    • Yeah CBD oil has been proven to help with a lot of health problems and one being anxiety

  4. I can relate to almost all of the symptoms you listed off. While my anxiety has gotten better, it still comes back once and a while and I have to take some deep breaths or distract myself somehow. Luckily I haven’t felt weak or dizzy in a while from my anxiety, but occasionally I get extremely restless. I like how you say that getting better and decreasing the amount of anxiety you, myself, and others experience can be a journey. It’s definitely not an easy one, but it is definitely beneficial to start doing some things (like you mentioned exercise) to start to get better. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself in this post too, it’s always nice to relate to someone who has experienced similar situations to know you’re not alone.

    • Yeah of course, it has took over my life and i want to get better and enjoy myself again

  5. Hey Justin, Great article on Fear from Anxiety. I personally haven’t had to deal with this, but I do know a few people that have crippling anxiety and this article and website will help them immensely. I look forward to the rest of the content on your website, keep up the good work

    • Thanks, this is a subject i wanted to talk about for a while, so i finally made a site for it and i upload videos on it as well.

  6. Wow, as your first article you did great. This is an amazingly informative post to me and others. 

    Yes, anxiety makes us lose lots of things, a lot of people that we care about. Sorry to hear about your job and the bad year you had in 2018, I am sure this year will be much better than the last.

    My fear was so big that I waist 18 months of my life in home trying to do a Business Online and I couldn’t. Every time I was thinking to do, like you, I would have chest pain that I never had and my heart would palpitations which was also new to me. Finally, I decided to put all aside and face my fears and anxiety.

    Thank you for such a good and educational post.

    Cheers to your success,


    • Yeah this is my first post of this site, i do have another site that has been up for over a year but i really wanted a site targeted to anxiety and depression.  This is a huge problem and so many people deals with it and i really want this site to be successful.

  7. I think everyone has their own worries more or less,and i have no exception.What i do is to face my anxieties and troubles,and talk to myself.Where do they from?How to solve them.For example, I have to sit in front of my computer more than 8 hours a day(I am a programmer).After work,I always feel I can’t lift my spirit to do any other things.I am worried that this situation will continue forever.Because it has bad influence on my mood and thus my health.I began to ask myself that if i can do somethings to change the current situation?I thought of fitness,but like what i said above, I feel very tired after work.I still want to start my first step and say that I can’t give up before I start.It was not easy at the beginning,and I often “yawn” during my training…..But after a period of time ,my physical condition did change and my mood was followed.Worries will not disappear by itself.If we regard the troubles as a stumbling block on our life,then our choice is clear.Be stumped by it or cross over.Let us encourage mutually.

    • Yeah of course, its not good to be lazy and not move around at all, i have learned that and i really have no strength in my legs.  I need to build up my energy.

  8. Anxiety is really a real issue that a lot of people suffer from and it is very important for people to learn tools and mechanisms how treat this issue. I am happy that in your blog you mentioned some of the signs of anxiety this is important so people can know what to look for and how to over come. Great post let us help one another to overcome.

    • Yeah there is so much to overcome but it never goes away, this is why i am trying to build a career online.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. My friend was living in anxiety due to stressful work environment she working at. I think her anxiety lead to her health issue. She is often sick. I don’t really understand if this is still in level of ‘sever anxiety’ or maybe depression. Can you explain a bit about difference between anxiety and depression?

    Also, thank you for mentioning CBD oil. I will recommend it to her.

    • Yeah anxiety and depression goes together somewhat.  Anxiety could cause other health issues if it makes you lazy to do anything and you gain a lot of weight.  Depression can do the same thing and i suffer from both which has ruined me.

  10. Great post, am sorry for you going through all of that, I can easily relate to that, anxiety is such a bad mental state, it originates from fear and leads to depression, I once lived in total fear, unsure of things to come but I read some books that help me grow above all these, thou it took some time. I will surely subscribe to your YouTube channel and I anticipate more motivational posts from you. 

    • Okay thank you  IT is hard and i do plan on uploading more videos on the topic.  My next video may be out within the next couple of days.

  11. Articles like this are very important especially for those who dont understand anxiety.  My wife has had severe anxiety for a few years and at the beginning I used to get frustrated because I didnt understand that she had very little control over what was going on in her body and brain.I will say I have since got a lot better educated and I know how to act when she has her anxiety attacks.Thank you for a great article.Dale

    • Yeah it is a real thing and it can ruin lifes and relationships.  I  am trying to get better and overcome it but its very hard.

  12. I have definitely been through my own fair share of challenges as far as dealing with my own anxiety is concerned. I am not exactly where I want to be financially and I not being sure if I will have my income within the next couple months. I have put on 25 pounds but I don’t really feel healthy at all. So I understand the feeling. One thing that has kept me sane is knowing the feeling is not going to last long and that I would eventually get out of what is making me depressed. 

    • Yeah a lot can make us depressed and i hate not being able to do what i want and not being able to pay my bills and always struggling.

  13. Justin, I empathize with you completely and have been in your shoes. I sincerely hope that you can gain control of your anxiety, because not only can it wreck your life, it can wreck your health by raising cortisol levels for an extended period of time. Processed foods could be contributing to your anxiety. According to healthline.com, there are 6 foods in particular that reduce anxiety: salmon, chamomile, turmeric, dark chocolate, yogurt and green tea. Easy on the turmeric Too much too often is hard on the gall bladder. I really admire you for your efforts to help others with anxiety as well.

  14. Depression is really really a bad thing, and i think it can shortening ones life if one doesn’t do anything about it. I read from your post that you actually gained weight due to the fact that you don’t walk around, all you do is enter uber, sit in the office, when you get home also you eat and play video games without really doing exercises.This in turn had made you gained weight from 190 ibs to 252 ibs. There was also a time i rarely do any exercise even as little as walking, and to make matters worse i ate a lot because i was always depressed all through that time, i gained weight also from 154 ibs to 198 ibs. Thanks so much for this educational post and also for wanting to help as many much people this year through your support groups, website and You Tube channel..

  15. Thank you for this inspiring article Juistin. It really helped me a lot. I’ve had anxiety since puberty and I always knew how to deal with it. But there were times I felt completely helpless and weak. I guess the proper medicine would be socialization and exercise – at least this did wonders for me.

    You are going on bookmarks by the way.

    Lovely website.

    • Yeah it sucks because i got bad anxiety in adult hood and now i am behind on  a lot of my bills because my anxiety is keeping me in my house and has been ruining my life.  So i want to get better and i want to help others that are like me.

  16. Thank you for this! I am glad that you were willing to share this with the world. From reading, it sounds like it was a REALLY rough year, but you have come out the other side and are hopefully on your way. I know this is a never-ending battle so stay strong.

    I also wanted to say thank you as when I was reading I was checking off most of the symptoms you had described. I will be calling my doctor in the morning in hopes of getting the help before it derails my life.

    Thanks again and keep posting

  17. I understand a bit of how you feel. I also get anxiety occasionally and it makes me dizzy and lightheaded and makes my heart race. I have other medical issues that can cause those problems too but anxiety makes it worse.

    It is important to take baby steps so to speak in order to take our lives back after serious illness. I have many health problems that affect my balance, hips, knees and feet so I understand just the fear of going for a walk or being out too long and getting worn out. Usually I am ok at the time if I just stop a minute but the next day my auto-immune symptoms kick in and then I can get very sick due to the overexertion. I have to balance staying active with not overdoing it. it is a struggle! I also have to make the time to eat healthy food which is totally worth it but can feel like too much time and effort when you are tired at the end of the day after work.

    I hope you can share many useful tips with others here about overcoming anxiety and getting healthy!


    • Yeah i agree, i am way behind bills and so stressed out because i have been stuck in the house from the very beginning of this year. 2019 has started off very bad for me.

  18. Dear Justin,

    Thanks a lot for sharing from your own experience and your story. I got great insights from your post.

    You not only discussed the problems but you also provided with the solution. Hats off to you on the determination to help others. Nothing can be worse than living in fear and to be honest everyone face these difficulties in their life and your post giving a lot of value.

    One of my close friend’s life is saved because of CBD oil and she is a living testimony. Now she is a full-time blogger and she blogs about the benefits of CBD oil and changing many lives with the help of CBD oil. For sure CBD oil helps anxiety.

    Wishing you Great Success!

    All the very best!


    • Awesome, i would love to be a full time blogger and make my money by just doing this but my really bad anxiety takes over my mind and i lose motivation to do everything.

  19. Hello Justin! Thank you and congratulations on courageously sharing your anxiety story. One thing that a lot of people need to have in this day and age is the awareness that mental disorders are really common and that must not be taken for granted. I, myself is a living example, too. A mother with postpartum anxiety. The fact that many people still don’t get it and don’t care about it, is pretty alarming, and somehow, makes the road to recovery even more difficult. I just hope that this stigma against people with mental disorders will soon go away, and we’ll become a society of more caring and supportive individuals. 

    • Yes i agree, it is hard to explain to others what we go through if they dont experience it them selves.

  20. I read your post and just had to read your “about me” story. I can relate in so many ways with everything that you have experienced in weight, energy loss, and the anxiety attacks. I experienced all of them, with an extra boost when i was being bullied at work last year. Thank you for sharing this, it is important for people to talk about it without judgement. My younger brother has these also and goes into depression, so much that he will not come out of his room for days. I have bookmarked your page and also your hemp oil – CBD products, so that I can share it with him. All the best and will await your many more posts to come 🙂

    • Yeah anxiety has ruined most of my life and has kept me in the house, im trying to break out of the cycle.

  21. Hi Justin,

    Amazing topic you got here. Briefly allow me to share my experience about fear. 

    After I gained an admission into university, something changed, I started exhibiting fear of success. Its crazy because initially I never thought its actually possible to be in fear of being successful. I read a lot and attend my classes, but whenever I get to the exam hall, I deliver half of my answers instead even when I know all the answers, this goes on and on for a year until a friend introduced me to psychiatrist. I finally graduated in flying colors. 

    • Yeah its different for everyone, mine keeps me from enjoying my life and from going out to make money.

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