Is Anxiety Dangerous? Dont over-think everything!

Hey everyone, in this article I will be attempting to answer a question a lot of new people that started to experience anxiety like symptoms. Is anxiety dangerous? Lets dive in and see if it can be dangerous or not, I am no doctor I am just something that has dealt with it for a while now and have had many visits to the hospital and many tests.

Can anxiety hurt you?

Anxiety symptoms can mimic other symptoms of serious health issues, when you first start to experience them I would get checked out just to be on the same side but after that you will have to tell yourself that it is anxiety and you are fine. When all of this started happening to me I had to quit my job and everything and I would go to the hospital like 3 times a week and had so many tests because I did not believe the doctors.

Being lazy is one thing that will make it worse, I know this because I never wanted to do anything because I was always worried. I used to live a normal life for the most part and never had to worry about any of this but that all has changed. Try not to overdo it by going to the hospital every time you feel anxiety coming on or if you experience a different symptom.

Anxiety may not be able to physically hurt you but it can hurt you mentally, like it has me. Everytime you try to get better and improve than something else happens that has never happened to you before. We all have to believe that things can get better and we must work for them, we all need to keep our motivation and know what we are fighting for.

Don’t hit rock bottom with depression

This has happened to me when anxiety takes over my life, I get so depressed and would just lay on my bed on the computer and not wanting to do anything. Even though I have some things on the computer I need to be doing with my websites and everything, depression won’t allow me to do anything with them. I have to be motivated in order to put work in online and I need to be motivated so I can leave the house and pay my bills.

I know it’s easier said than done because I have even been too scared to try to get a regular job, I never know how I am going to feel each morning when I wake up. It has always been a struggle I would try to deal with, just try to make sure you don’t lose everything in the process. It’s going to be a long road but some things will be able to help, I don’t really do medication but it’s okay to try natural stuff.

Don’t push people away

Anxiety can hurt a lot of people around you, just remember and keep reminding yourself that you are okay. I know when you are feeling down-and-out and don’t want to be bothered it’s always easier to push people away. I know I haven’t dated or even looked to be in a relationship ever since this anxiety started affecting my life. If you are already in a relationship than make sure you both talk about what you are going through.

I know you may feel like you don’t want to hangout with friends or anything but that’s a bad idea because than everything just gets worse. I know I stopped talking to people and having friends and it put me in a real unhappy place. All I wanted was to get better and I just wanted to finally find happiness. It’s almost impossible to get rid of anxiety but you could still manage it and try to have a normal life.

It is time to push forward and think about things we want to do or succeed in, we can’t let the anxiety and depression keep getting in our way. I know it is easy to shut out the world when you are feeling really bad but we must keep a positive attitude and try to move forward. I didn’t have nothing when I left my job, so shortly after I ended up starting my own online business and now I have 2 websites and Facebook groups. I try to keep myself busy and keep chasing success, I just want to do something I want to do and make a lot of money from it.

Keep yourself busy or active

I need to work on the active part but what I did to keep myself busy and motivated for something was to start my own online businesses. Since I had to quit my full time job I decided to work hard to try an succeed online so I wouldn’t have to worry about being able to work a regular job again. I can also help you with this if you think you would like to start your own online business with a website, it’s not as hard as you would think. I have learned so much and when I started I had my own website up within minutes.

My main website which I have had for a year is their to teach you how to make money online and what scams to watch out for. I will have all links below if you are interested in this path with affiliate marketing because their is a lot of money in it. Sometimes you need a distraction from your problems and worries so your anxiety and depression doesn’t get to bad. It’s even exciting growing your brand and making your first sale. Next I will work on being active, I have a treadmill and a workout bench in my house which I will start using soon so I can get some energy back. I am trying to put things in place with my website and Facebook groups so we all have meet others that suffers from the same thing as we do and talk so we can all start to improve.

Final thoughts

Anxiety will not hurt you or kill you, even though it will feel like it at times, I know it can always feel like you are having a heart attack and googling symptoms will only make it worse. The best thing we can do is think about things we can be doing to improve the situation, if you start to exercise make sure to start small so you will know what you can handle.

Feel free to join my new Facebook group if you want to share your story or experience with me and others. I will also link my other website if you are interested in learning how you can start your own online business, it could help you with all the free time you may have. I will also have a link for CBD oil which has been proven to help wonders with anxiety and other type of pain. Please share this post around so more people can take the steps they need to improve their situation.

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  1. Hello,

    this is a good post to start a good day with, at some point in one’s life no matter how wealthy or healthy you are, one is prone to battling with the problem of anxiety, I remember during my high school days, Inget depressed over my exam scores and this really affected my activities, almost reshaping my entire life but a big Thanks to my guardian who came to my rescue and reassured me of a better life outside anxiety.

    • Yeah but for some people anxiety can get to bad and make them afraid to exercise or even leave the house.

  2. I have a long history with anxiety and I can say that all your suggestions are true. Although anxiety can’t hurt a person, I can cause people to hurt themselves or hurt others if they lose control. Exercise and psychiatrists with excellent food diet helps keep my anxiety and depression in control. There is always a way to find help!

    • Yes and its not healthy to always stay in the house either, i need to get back out there and start grinding.

  3. Great post, I will always use my experience in high school to judge everyone, because we’re all prone to it. I love the part of the post that say, Anxiety of people around you, just remember and keep reminding yourself that you are okay. I know when you are feeling down-and-out and don’t want to be bothered it’s always easier to push people away. Therefore, one is the tool of correcting the problems of anxiety or depression.

    thanks a load

    • Yeah it can be hard to forget about all your problems and move on.  There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to try to be happy

  4. Unfortunately, anxiety is part of our normal life now due to everything going on around us. Thanks for sharing because those that are really going through heavy anxiety are having a hard time and many times they suffer alone. They don’t always share. I know, my life has not gone good for at least 10 years with no apparent way out. I moved to affiliate marketing so I can be in control of my own path. Good luck with your work and thanks again for sharing.

    • Yeah i also want to be in control of how i make my money and so i can live a better life and also travel. I want to get out and enjoy my life and not sit inside all day feeling sorry for myself and be afraid to leave.

  5. Anxiety is definitely a mind battle that most of us struggle with. It’s normal to be anxious as a human being, but to be overly anxious is not good for anyone. Most of the time, the things that we were anxious or worried about didn’t actually happen. Too often we waste precious time for ourselves by doing that. This is one area I myself need to improve on, to quit worrying or being overly anxious about anything. Great post!

    • Yeah but my anxiety really effects me physically and its hard for me to get motivated to do anything anymore.

  6. I always feel comforted anytime I go through a post related to anxiety, personally I have been a victim of it. After I competed my high school I was so bored to stay at home interacting with few people as I was used to be with many friends at school, anxiety caught me to an extent I used even to hate everyone who is around me, it was really affecting me I could only feel better by sleeping or staying alone. Later on I started to fight it by trying to keep myself busy via watching some funny videos online and as time went by I really improved, it’s very true according to your post that anxiety can affect even people around you, thank you for posting this content here I really appreciate.

    From joy.

    • Yeah but one thing that makes mine worse is that if i stay home laying on my bed doing nothing for days i get really depressed.  I like being out and getting things done and not being lazy all the time, anxiety and depression has ruin a lot of my life.

  7. Anxiety though is dangerous, it won’t cause any physical hurt but it does more harm than good mentally, I have suffered anxiety at some point in my life which kicked in depression and pushed alot of people away around me, it still does happen to me till now. I certainly will take these step to improve on myself.

    • I did say in my article it can be dangerous mentally but what most people fear is that something else is seriously wrong with them so they always goes to the hospital to get tests done like i have done many times.  So anxiety is not dangerous physically and it is possible to overcome but you can never get rid of it.

  8. a very good job; regardless of the level of education, at one time we all suffer from anxiety / depression; and I; sometimes we overcome our problems and “fall,” the idea is to “get out”; to find something that would please us, and very importantly, to motivate us; the idea is not to make us problems: somehow it will be, that it never happened to be nothing; and not isolate us

  9. I left a message on your site. There seemed to be an error when I did it as the site didn’t load up. But your sharing what it’s like for those going through anxiety was very powerful. Many suffer alone and others who have not gone through it will never understand how they are suffering. The way you explained it helps people to understand how the person is coping internally and what they wish those around them would do. It was very good though ending it with how to get out of it and offering hope for financial situations since that is a huge anxiety on us all nowadays.

    • Yes and it keeps breaking me down and i keep getting afraid to leave the house because of how i feel and if i dont leave i cant make money or pay my bills so its always hard for me.

  10. Hey, Justin!

    I appreciate you sharing your experiences with the honesty that you have. 

    I myself have never really been a victim of anxiety, I’ve just read about it a lot, because there are many studies around it and what you can do to improve the condition. I think the best one was to get some physical exercise. Like at least a Tabata.

    There is this great book called the 5-second rule. I’ve heard many, many stories people have utilized the rule and overcome anxiety. Definitely pick it up, if you’re still feeling in the anxiety or can’t seem to overcome it.

    Other than that, toughen up my man, have force of will, hope and never give in!

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    • Anxiety has ruined my life and it keeps breaking me down and i really want to be able to leave the house without worrying all the time/

  11. Hey Justin Smiddy,

    This is a  good post about Anxiety and thanks for sharing this event. Anxiety is a dangerous problem for our health . The physical symptoms of anxiety can be especially damaging among individuals with existing cardiac disease . It may have an association with the following heart disorders , increased blood pressure . If chronic ,can lead to coronary disease , weakening of the heart failure .  Many of us will experience anxiety during our lives , which have symptoms that can mimic heart beat .   

    • Yeah it gets hard for me to do anything anymore, i hate being afraid to leave the house.

  12. I am a person with anxiety. Until I am 47-year old I could not find what it is really. I have had the symptoms from my childhood. When I am grown up I consulted a General Physician and started taking medicine for hypertension(later on understood that it is really anxiety disorder and not hypertension). In my childhood, I used to feel nausea when trying to do something new. Later on, in college days, I used to feel the same while appearing for exams and viva. If I had diagnosed this in time I would have done a  lot in my college and job. Unfortunately, I found out the real cause in 47, when I started having panic attacks.

    This also happened because of a digital Blood pressure instrument. It had some error and started showing wrong readings. Therefore, I started checking very frequently and even at midnight. This habit went to an extreme and I started having panic attacks. This is a very bad feeling and sometimes I will feel like I had a heart attack or something. There will be numbness even in my head.

    Finally, I consulted a psychiatrist and he prescribed some medicine. Now, it’s the 6th year, I am continuing the medicine and now I am ok. But unfortunately, I have the side effects and want to discontinue the medicine. But Maybe the anxiety may attack again.

    Can you suggest a natural product to replace my allopathy medicine? Please note that CBD is banned in many countries.

    Thanks for a useful post.

    • CBD is suppose to work but i dont like taking regular medication so what i am going to try next is to be more active and run on the tredmill at my house to see if i can improve how i feel and get more energy.

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